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Post by Scrat on Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:35 am

Username: Scrat Knapp

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:24430304

Steam Profile:

Time on server: Since launch, on this server and also an older version.

Is this a character application, or transfer: Application.

If transfer, what previous roleplay has occured(Gist of it): N/A

What OOC items are you requesting? Rebar Club

What IC-Only items are you requesting?
Light armor
Stealth boy

Roleplay experiences? Many communities, leading many factions, having many characters like deathclaws, mutants, robots, etc etc, a long list.

Why should you have all this?[One paragraph required]
Because I have done my research on Super Mutants and know how to properly RP them, such as of course their delicate natures of how strong they exactly are, as one major issue I see is mutants taking bullets to the face and surviving with almost no injury or other similar things. I have a good idea of what a mutant can take before he dies, and have no problem with losing, especially on Mutants. I should have this not only because I know my stuff, but because it isn't a whole lot in terms of gear, just what a typical Nightkin would have: some armor, a makeshift melee weapon, and of course their trademark stealth boy.

[Three paragraphs required]Backstory:

Daniel Smithy was a dweller of Vault 5, a control (no experiment) vault in the Core Region. His mother was one of the few doctors in the vault, whilst his father was a mechanic, then eventually a regular Securitry Officer. Daniel was not particularily interested in medicine or being an officer himself, and so would sometimes talk to his father about how the vault worked, such as the purifying systems and air recycling worked. He was a fairly bright kid and scored fairly highly on his tests. Despite his interest in mechanics, Daniel took his GOAT and found that he would best be suited as a schoolteacher. Not bad, he thought.

Filled with enough food, water, and clean air to last 200 years, the vault he called home was scheduled to open, unsuprisingly, exactly 200 years after it first sealed, which would be 2277. Over time, however, the following Overseers of the vault eventually came on the consensus to open a few years before that, in 2274, so that they would be able to have enough supplies incase an emergency of sorts depleted stocks. There was order in the vault, and not much signifcant conflict arose.

This rather peaceful vault and their dedicated opening date would however come to a waste around 2157. By then, the Master had began to amass his viscious super mutant army. The success rate for dipped humans was very low, and he and his Lieutenant eventually came to the conclusion that humans unexposed to radiation and FEV innoculation (a sort of 'vaccine' for FEV that travelled through the air that was believed to cause much of the mutation failures due to the 'vaccine' being able to resist mutation to a small extent) would be needed to build up a proper army.

Through some scouting, the Master was able to locate Vault 5 and immedittaley began preperations to breach it. When attempts to tell the dwellers inside that they were the Government and to let them inside failed, explosives and brute force were used to gain entry to the vault. The officers, absoloutely terrified by the horrors they were seeing, were quickly overthrown. The overseer in particular had his head ripped off and mounted on a spear. The spear was promptly hurled into the Securitry Office, where the survivors of the vault, including Daniel himself, were hidden.

Unsuprisingly, the dwellers were quick to surrender to the mutants. They were uncerimoniously dragged out of their vault and into another one- The Los Angeles Vault, better known as the Cathedral, where the Master had moved his operation from the Mariposa military base. All of the dwellers were stripped, their pip boys removed and destroyed, then promptly 'dipped' in the Master's FEV. Out of the 150 survivors that were captured, 45 were made into Super Mutants proper with varying intelligence levels varying from 'dumb' to 'decent', 53 were transformed into hideous creatures (such as Centaurs), and about 13 were made into Super Mutants also, but with no effect to their intelligence. These sorts of mutants are best known as Nightkin. The rest of the exposed dwellers, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) did not survive mutation.

Daniel was one of these 13 'Nightkin', as the Master would dub them. There was no real reason he got the 'best', if one can call it that, transformation compared to the others dipped; it was pure random chance. Despite his intact intelligence, Daniel had no memories of the Vault, or indeed the world at all. Instead he got a brief history lesson / training by the Master and his subordinates. As a Nightkin, he was granted some of the best gear the mutants could have, such as Miniguns, Super Sledges, and of course, the customary stealth boys. He was told his name was Mr. Pip, a name thought up on the spot when he asked his superiors who he was.

Along with Nightkin both from his own vault and other places (not that one, including he himself, would know the difference), Daniel or "Mr. Pip" worked on several high-profile raids and operations for the Master, with extremely heavy stealth boy usage. As a result of such, the pigment of he and his comerades permanantly turned a dark blue. His mental sanity, however, was not yet affected, as insanity was kept 'at bay' by being in a cooperative environment; his tasks were not menial, he was not suffering from isolation, and other such factors.

His service under the Master would however come to an end with the Master's defeat in 2162. With his base and his leaders destroyed, Mr. Pip would become resentful of his 'creators' and wish to distance himself from their goals. The remainders of his Nightkin 'unit' however decided to travel as a group, with the simple intent of survival and possible integration into normal society. They travelled together without much incident for 5 years, until 2167, when their excessive Stealth Boy use was finally beginning to damage their minds.

With the stress of persecution by humans and a lack of a sense of belonging, Mr. Pip and his comerades began to bicker amongst themselves, about morals, where they would go, what they would do, and as time would go on, baseless accusations of theft, personal space invasion, and other things. One particularily large blowout occured when the group's leader found a cache of Stealth Boys and attempted to keep them all to himself without telling the others. When he was found out, a physical brawl began over who would keep the stealth boys. Mr Pip, not wanting to take part, grabbed a few from the pile and took off before the fighters would notice what he was doing.

After that he began to wander. His declining mental sanity due to the stress and continued use of stealth boys wore on him, and he desired to forget his past, even more so than he had before. When out on a run to forage for food, he found a pack of Yumyum Deviled Eggs. For no particular reason at all, he decided he liked the name "Yumyum" and adopted it as his own, even though he believed that the eggs themselves tasted horrible.

He wandered and wandered, eventually finding Montana. Although soon after his arrival he saw not much but sand, he decided to stick around. He believed he could find more stealth boys, food, and the much needed peace and quiet he needed (even though isolation lead to his damaged mind in the first place). Perhaps here he could also make the voices in his head that tried to tempt him into self-destructive behaviour go away.

What are your perks/skills?
- Greatly Increased strength
- Skill with large melee weapons, big guns, and explosives
- Intelligence unaffected by mutation (see flaws however)

What are your faults/flaws?
- Mentally unstable due to overuse of stealth boys
- Paranoid, especially when visible
- Overall more vulnerable when visible

Character traits: See above

(Optional)Character Description:

Passive RP(15 Lines required):
Yumyum plods through the wastes, eyes fixed on the stealth boy that sits in his hands.
He messes about with it with his sausage fingers, letting out grunts.
"Broken..?" he says, repeatedly pressing the "ON" button.
The device fails to activate, and the nightkin slides it in his pocket.
"Not good, not good, not good.." he says over and over.
"All over, all over, no more stealth boys, suicide!" he says in a higher pitched voice.
"No." He growls, slapping himself. "Will find more."
"There is no more! Not in the whole world!" The nagging voice retorts.
"No! There is many. Never run out."
"Noo! You just used the last one. A shame."
"DID NOT! DID NOT!" the mutant screams, falling to the ground and clutching his head.
"The Master is very disappointed.."
"You can't even spell."
The nightkin headbutts what remains of a nearby building repeatedly and falls to the ground. The voice is silenced.
The nightkin just stares up at the sky before righting himself. "Will find more." he says simply, and plods off as he was before.

Combat RP(15 Lines required):
Yumyum continues on his endless journey, and eventually spies upon a few Prospectors at a camp they have set up.
He approaches cautiously, having no cloak to rely on.
His attempts are futile, as one of the scavengers spies the hulking mutant and stands up.
The man reaches for a pistol at his hip, hollering "Mutant!"
The nightkin pauses, before beginning to blindly charge at the group, infuriated at being seen.
The man withdraws a pistol, taking a few shots as his 2 friends also scramble to their feet.
Yumyum is hit once in the chest, but continues charging due to the low caliber, grabbing his Rebar Club.
The men fan out, taking a few more shots.
Yumyum reaches the men, grabbing the nearest one and easily lifting him up, turning to his friends and using him as a sort of meatshield.
The men stop firing as the nightkin keeps the men held close to himself. "STEALTH BOY?!" he shouts in animalistic rage.
"W..what.." the man being grabbed says in a choked tone.
"STEALTH BOY!"  he shouts, shaking the man violently and snapping his neck inadvertantly.
At this, his friends decide their dead friend is no longer at risk and open fire on the Nightkin.
Continuing to use the corpse as a meatshield, he begins to backpedal before just throwing it at them.
The men are distracted by their friend's corpse being thrown at them and duck out of its arc.
Yumyum uses this distraction to turn and run away, more bullets eventually peppering in his back. One he is in the clear, he begins to look for perhaps an irradiated water source to heal the wounds.

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Scrat's Nightkin App Empty Re: Scrat's Nightkin App

Post by b0bpwns on Thu Jul 02, 2015 10:40 pm

Good application, I like it a lot, it's well written and I like how you included lore from the first fallout game. I'd say +support.

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