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Post by Captain Snyder on Wed Jun 10, 2015 6:56 pm

Most of the time, the server will be up and there shouldn't be any issues. However, we do expect that there will be bugs, there will be suggestions, and generally things that will require the server to go down to update. Instead of doing it when it's necessary, we'd like to keep the server bug-free for when it's open.

As such, this schedule will list possible times where we will shut the server down, do what's needed, and debug. If there's nothing needing to be done, this will be skipped entirely. At times where the server has 0 players on it, or 100% of the server agrees to go down for development, will be the only time you might be suprised.

Once all issues have been resolved, the server will be cleared to launch and will open once more.

2 AM to 4 AM - Server will be put down for development time.
8 AM to 10 AM - Server will be put down for development time.

That's about it, the rest of the time there may be players on and we do not wish to stop roleplay for the sake of the server, though, should users be on at the time we will warn them, and we will wait to stop the server until all users are ready.
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