The Golden Age is over

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The Golden Age is over Empty The Golden Age is over

Post by Captain Snyder on Tue Jun 09, 2015 2:12 pm

At first, as expected, intricacy grew,
All were joyous, even those that were new

Then the tides changed, and the paint ran dry,
And thus wept the painters, oh how they would cry

As designs were reused, rehashed, originality slew,
And all of the joy ebbed as monotony grew anew,

The designers, oh how frivilously they toiled,
Only to find that others would come to spoil
These crowns that were placed upon our brows, plans now foiled

And so we regret all actions that took place,
And we gloss over them freely, in hopes of saving face

Yet old designers still lurk, battle-scarred, war-torn
As they all steel themselves, releasing ideas, all forsworn
Succumbing to the plague, joyous days remaining so mourned

The Golden Age of roleplay is over, but it's time to relive the memory.

June 26th
Captain Snyder
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