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Post by [ALT]Snyder on Wed May 15, 2013 1:18 am

These are the rules to keep your account nice and unbanned.
1: No begging.
2: No excessive cursing.
3: No harassment.
4: Be respectful of all posters, In every post you make.(We really don't need flaming.)
5: Sexual content is strictly verboten, this will result in server punishment too.
6: Do not post disturbing content, Gore, Or Sexual imagery.
6.1: If you post any images that may be considered gory, or be disturbing, put it in a spoiler labled "Caution; disturbing picture" or something alone those lines. Sexual Imagery is still not allowed; even if cautioned.
7: Don't shitpost.
8: Don't advertise.
9: Don't be making bright, flashy, and stupid signatures.(Don't be adding gifs.)
10: DO NOT POST JUST TO GET MORE POST NUMBERS.(This will get your account deleted so you start back at zero.)
11: Flaming in Application threads are to be deleted. Any posts containing proof of flaming in that thread, will also be removed. All posts on applications need a reason to why you support it (Regardless of -/+ status) Any post other than that WILL be deleted.
12: Making lol-applications for jokes will result in a 3 day ban server-side, and deleting of your account. Do -not- do it. End of story.
13: You are only allowed to make 1 PK Authorization for that character once.
13.1: You can only make a PK repeal once for a character that has been PK'd.
14: .Gifs are not allowed to be your Profile picture. All .gifs will be deleted. Multiple offense will result in a ban.
14.1: You may ask the owner for a .gif to be allowed.

(Basic guide to making a post.)
Now when making a post, You should always insure editor mode is on, Otherwise you will end up with errors such as [] codes showing.

Forum Rules/Posting Tutorial. Capture245

^That's an example.
Forum Rules/Posting Tutorial. Capture246
^How to enable editor mode.

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