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Post by [ALT]Snyder on Wed May 15, 2013 1:16 am

These are the rules to the server, I'm attempting to keep them basic.

1: Do not metagame.(The use of information you learn through out of character means in character.)

2: FearRP, You have only life, Don't waste it!

3: Punchwhoring is seriously frowned upon.

4: NewLifeRule, When you die you forget ANY of the events leading up to your death.

5: This is a Serious RP, Act serious!

6: "Erotic Roleplay" is to be kept in steamchat, or PM. (Characters that are under the age of 18 aren't allowed to be involved in this kind of roleplay, this will result in harsh, and immediate punishment.)
6.1 Do not make any erotic things inside your description, this includes "Big/Small Breasts", or "Buldge in pants", or anything along those lines. Failure to comply can result in a kick on first time. Ban on second. Third is a permenant ban.

7: Always attempt your actions, You're not the "Main Character"(I Know, it's hard to grasp), And don't dodge EVERYTHING people throw at you. Bullets leave little room for error.

8: Characters under the age of 18 require authorization, And if you're auth'd being a child make sure to prior mention if you're a demon-child.(Barely fears anything, and is openly willing to murder people.) You can ask Mister Snyder over steam for authorization.

9: Hostages may only be taken for ten real minutes, Unless the hostage agrees to continue being on hand OOCly.
9.1: If there is roleplay actually occuring involving your character, you're not allowed to leave.

10: Respect ALL of your fellow players OOCly.
10.1: If a player is offended; they may call an admin to discuss the issue. If not and both know it was a joke, then an admin is not required.

11: If you Murder/Rob someone, and take their items You may only take 1 item, Or 20% of their money.
11.1: Pace robberies/murders by ATLEAST ten minutes.
11.2: You may not steal from a locked container.
11.3: Each body may be looted only once. (I.E 1v2, the one person kills two, he is able to loot one thing from both bodies. 2v1. The two kills one, the two can only loot the body once. A total of one item. One cannot loot one item, and the other person something else.)

12: No cross-character interaction.

13: IC weapons do not count as a weapon.(Though there are rare exceptions.)

14: RapeRP must be consented from both groups, this is to avoid reliving traumatic experiences.

15: OOC harassment is frowned upon, it's best to avoid it.
15.1: Being racist will result in kicks, bans, and eventually a P'ban if required. (Unless it's a ghoul-racism thing.)
15.2: Threatening to DDoS the server will result in a P'ban, unless *I* can tell it was a joke from the beginning. I.E.
"[LOOC] Jessica Brooks: lol tihs servur suks dik i am ddosing cuz fuk u lol" Wouldn't bother me too much, because I know the person.

16: Map props are not allowed to be converted into scavenged items. AKA: A wooden box into wood.

17: Keep the OOC About PG-13 rated. Do not curse excessively, do not talk about porn or sex. (Excessive cursing okay if not in more than two OOC lines)

18: All songs made before 1988 is allowed. Anything after that is considered uncannon unless personally made by your char or somebody else.

19: Anybody killed within the fate acceptance zones are PK'd. Regardless of the OOC/IC relationship with that. AKA: IF YOU ARE A MUTANT AND YOU KILL SOME PERSON INSIDE A FATE ACCEPTANCE ZONE, THEY ARE PK'D. (AKA: IF YOU ARE A HUMAN AND YOU KILL A HUMAN, IT'S PK.) Have fun.

20: If you have intercourse with a male and female, the female must roll for a baby. 70-90 for one baby. 90-99 for two. 100 for three.
20.1: If you are pregnant. It takes a total of an OOC month to have a baby. A 1:9 ratio.You can progress each three days a month if you will, but it MUST take ATLEAST a month.
20.2: On the final days of that month, (Or whenever you decide to start allowing the Pregnancy) You must roll. If the roll is 50+, you broke your water. If below 50. You have to wait another OOC day.
20.3: When you are giving birth, you must roll for it's gender. 50 for both ( I was wrong. It's a 50/50 chance, but females survive longer than males) 50+ Male, 50- Female. Exactly fifty = You decide.

21: Attacking any public location that is a popular place and does not belong to a faction (I.E The Bar, or the Motel) without authorizations is a no no. If this rule is broken, the char may be banned depending on the overview.

22: Asking the owner for administration spots is annoying. Seriously, don't do it.
22.1: Asking the owner for an adminstration application is annoying. Seriously, don't do it.
22.2: Asking in regards to administration is annoying. Seriously, don't do it.
22.3 Make sure you understand that asking about administration in any way that might be indirect or direct, is not done. Failure to stop asking will result in a ban.

23: Harassing any players in any form is a kick. Third offense will be a permnant ban.

24: Any PK'd chars are dead canonnicly from when they were PK'd unless they got a PK appeal. No, they did not just "Leave" or some unrealistic bullshit. Seriously guys. Who has to be a whiney bitch and keep their special snowflake character.?

25: Child characters are allowed to advanced their character's age up to three years, no more. They can only do this once a month. I.E, If you do it on January 11th, 2013, You can do it again on Feb. 11, 2013.

26: Turtling RP is not allowed. This is where you say things OOCly to keep the roleplay from continuing.

27: There will never be a Long-Range PK. Want that guy dead? Get up close and personal with him.

Guide Lines, Though these aren't important they're there for the people who want to be more liked.

1: Maybe avoid saying things just to say "Void" not a rule, but it is SERIOUSLY annoying.

2: Being killed does not resolve your injuries magically disappearing, optional but you should retain an injury relating to your death, A fatal wound appearing somewhere less fatal.
So if you were killed by X, You would instead make up a different "Raider" or "robber" or something of that sort that attacked you, If a mutant broke your arm maybe you fell from a high distance. Etc. Etc.

3: Raiding faction bases when the faction is offline, and abusing things left open OOC will result in punishment of revolking items to pay for what you damaged or stole OOCly.
Doors to bases are often left locked IC, but unlocked OOC so people who don't have access to the door don't get locked inside.

4: Stating you have evidence, and then back peddling will be counted as lying, Don't do it. -~-

5: If you demonstrate severe behavioral problems, I will want quite literally nothing to do with you(I.e you will have to wait until you calm down)

6: Seriously, If you're authorized a specific character, Brotherhood/Enclave/Infiltrator, Don't play it constantly and be surprised when you get bored.

7: When you start a fight in a town, then leave. Don't expect to be let off lightly. You will, probably be PK'd.

8: If you advertise Kinetic wave gaming in other servers, whether or not it's Serious roleplay, HL2RP, or non-roleplay like DarkRP (I don't see it as serious roleplay), or even TTT, don't be suprise when you get a big bad ban.

9: Don't be expecting to be liked when you frequently make racist characters, racist actions, or others. It may be viewed as OOC racism of yourself. Keep cool. Don't be in the KKK of the wastelands. Or atleast non-racist chars. (Unless it is a ghoul-racist thing. That may not be so much frowned down upon so much.)

10: Not much roleplay going on? Make a new run of the mill character. It'll add to roleplay, and be extremely helpful. After all, we don't want the same dull thing going on over and over and over again, right?

11: You're bored? Woah, that's a first. Here's a simple guide you should try doing in order to fix a lack of roleplay. Start passiving with yourself. Seriously, try it. Even if you're writing on a paper trying to do math ICly (And doing it OOCly) Somebody might be curious as to what your doing. This ACTUALLY works. You can also try setting a self-goal. Maybe you wanna make a car, or maybe you want to make a rifle.

More rules can and will be added, frequently check.

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