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'Katerina' Empty 'Katerina'

Post by Cloud on Tue Jun 23, 2015 3:41 am

'Katerina' I9o4W5zUOzM


[Hair Color:] Light Blonde

[Eye Color:] Dark Brown

[Height:] 5'5

[Age:] Believed to be 17

[Birthdate:] N/A


'Katerina' wears a large, baggy zip-up jacket with dark jeans beneath it. It would be very light in color, and not very thick as the wasteland is quite hot. She has bandages wrapped tightly around her neck with some loosely wrapped around her mouth as to allow her access to eat. She has a black and white baseball cap keeping her hair tucked down, firmly planted on her head. On her feet are a pair of loose fitting, tattered sneakers.

[Additional Information:]

Avoiding big parts of her backstory as to leave reason to speak with her in-character: 'Katerina' has a lot of hidden bandages and scars. I'll just list them here.

- Bandages under jacket on left arm.
- Bandages around her stomach rather tightly wrapped.
- Scars along her chest and lower back (Stab / Cut wounds)
- A burn-scar on her rump.
- Various burn scars along her right arm.
- Dog Bite scars upon her right thigh.
- Multiple bruises in her torso area.
- Various small scars on the bottom of her feet
- A long cut on the top of her head (covered by hat)
- A few chipped teeth
- Surgical(?) cuts under stomach, neck, upper arm and right side bandages.
- A long X cut over her lips (covered by bandages)

Also, a few small notes: Commonly has nosebleeds, commonly will burst into weeping, and commonly is scared of human contact. However, if she becomes comfortable, she can be quite the sarcastic, funny little girl with all her mute, journal-writing glory.

[Skills & Attributes]
Proficient, Above Average, Average, Below Average, Un-proficient

(Will be done later!)

Close Friends, Friends, Acquaintances, Suspicious, Enemy

Benjamin Pershing - I've watched him a lot and he's managed to catch me off guard a couple of times. He works for the NCR and seems to be the quieter of the group-- at least when they are all complaining about the Ranger. I helped him once when he was hurt, though I'd assume anyone would. Seems nice, mostly.

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'Katerina' Empty Re: 'Katerina'

Post by Nasca on Fri Jun 26, 2015 7:44 pm

nice hentai

would stalk/10
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'Katerina' Empty Re: 'Katerina'

Post by Lord Ezrik on Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:18 pm

Ooh, edgy nickname. Cool.
"Believed to be 17"
Oh fuck, it's already edgy.
"Avoiding big parts of her backstory as to leave reason to speak with her in-character: 'Katerina' has a lot of hidden bandages and scars."
The backstory part I understand, but jeez, scars and bandages. That's a bit edgy.

All in all, this character seems a bit edgy. I'll forgive the scars, since you probably got those ICly on some previous KWG server or some shit. Still, though. Seems pretty edgy.

Lord Ezrik
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'Katerina' Empty Re: 'Katerina'

Post by The Gunrunner on Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:29 pm

Anyway: Vargas? They haven't talked much, but... I 'unno.
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'Katerina' Empty Re: 'Katerina'

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