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The Conglomerate

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 The Conglomerate is a group formed in the wake of Tabitha's usurping of Black Mountain. As the tyrannical Tabitha begin to radically change the once peaceful mutant settlement, many of her more intelligent kin began to part ways with the deranged nightkin. One such super mutant was Atlas.
Atlas was a veteran Unity commander that oversaw a variety of the Master's forces from an outpost in the central Core Region. As time progressed, he had grown weary of the unnecessary and frequent fighting his race had brought to the wasteland. The ceaseless strife created a longing in the Unity veteran's soul to settle down and make a more peaceful community. A refuge where super mutants and all forms of social outcasts could unite together to coexist in one small, self-reliant and sovereign community. Thus, the Conglomerate was born.
Initially comprised of a handful of both first and second generation super mutants, the Conglomerate's numbers dwindled under hardships as Atlas lead them northeast, into what was known as Montana in the pre-war United States. There, he found a defendable but run down shelter for him and his Conglomerate.


New California Republic
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The previous conflicts between the New California Republic and the super mutants created great tensions back in the Core Region. As it remains to be seen how true the NCR remains to their Core Region values out in Montana, the Conglomerate maintains a neutral, non-aggressive relation.

The Conglomerate Slaver
New to the region, the Conglomerate has not had any reactions to the local Montanan slaver organization. Until future connections are made between the members of both parties, the Conglomerate maintains a neutral, non-aggressive relation.

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Wastelanders fear super mutants and tend to run at the sight of them. It stands to reason that they will do the same of the Conglomerate's members in their ignorance, rallying lynch mobs to unjustly hunt them down to extinction. The Conglomerate will maintain uneasy, weary relations with wasters, not hesitating to show aggression should the wastelanders step out of line.


The de facto leader figures of the Conglomerate. They oversee the operations within their settlements, enforcing guidelines of the group with their best interests in mind.

Atlas [MEATLOAF!!!]

The combat-oriented members of the Conglomerate. They are tasked with the defense of their settlements, as well as proactive actions that may be necessary in order for the group to complete it's goals.

N/A [N/A]

The inhabitants of Conglomerate settlements. They may or may not have combatant capabilities, but they choose to be mere citizens of the Conglomerate. Doctors, engineers, chefs, hunters: they all fall into this branch of the Conglomerate.

N/A [N/A]

OOC Information

This group is primarily a Super Mutant/Ghoul group, and it was created to provide a group that doesn't fall into the "Good guys" or "bad guys" group like those previously seen on KWG. It's made primarily to create other avenues of roleplay that wouldn't be available without an organized group of controversial characters like mutants, ghouls, and other undesirables.
You have several methods of joining the Conglomerate. You may either apply for it in the generic application thread, and note to the admins there that you wish for the character to join the Conglomerate. You can join through IC methods, as the group isn't entirely opposed to letting wastelanders join. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on steam or through the forum's private messaging function.

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