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John Livingston
"Loss defines us more than love or hate ever will."

Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Age: 35
Birthdate: 14th February 2256

Attire: Vault 38 Jumpsuit, Black Worn-Out Boots, Black Leather Gloves, Old Biker's Jacket dark brown leather weathered and worn to lose any other distinguishable coloration.

Additional Information: John was a Vault Dweller, of Vault 38, a nuclear fallout shelter that had been designed and constructed by Vault-Tec underneath the Colorado Mountain Ranges, was a place were there was a division between the intellectual elite and the lesser folk. Children within the Vault were subjected to constant educational testing and IQ read-outs trying to separate those of a significant intelligence from those with "defects". These defects were sent into the lower levels out of mind and out of sight from the Vault's happy citizens and their overseer. The overseer himself was elected as the ruling body by means of an academic competition, in which the Vault's robotic attendants subjected multiple candidates to unyielding scientific and historical trivia. Those who were unable to perform would be sent to the lesser people levels and would never be seen again. As a result the elected Overseer would be an arrogant individual whose behavior would be studied by the Vault's synthetic Intelligence to determine the psychological implications of a struggle for survival that would eventually turn into a role of authority. John managed to escape the Vault after collapsing it's social structure with the help of his fellow "Lesser Sympathizers", soon after the Vault door would be opened and what remained of it's occupants would move into the wasteland, to this day, those who destroyed Vault 38 wonder if their actions were the best informed, perhaps the world of division was a necessary evil if they were to survive in this new hostile world.

Primary Weapon- None
Secondary Weapon- None
Melee Weapon- None
Aid- NCR Doctor's Bag
Misc- Personal Hip-Flask

Skills & Attributes
Proficient, Above Average, Average, Below Average, Un-proficient

Small Guns
Big Guns
Energy Weapons

Close Friends, Friends, Acquaintances, Suspicious, Enemy

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