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Wraith's Character Application (Artair) Empty Wraith's Character Application (Artair)

Post by Wraith on Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:54 pm

Username: The Wraith (Wraife)

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:38150071

Steam Profile: http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/TheWraife

Time on server: I joined back when Lord Fox was emporer.

Is this a character application, or transfer: I had this character last time on KWG, so transfer.

If transfer, what previous roleplay has occured(Gist of it):

I was a town guard of a small town, hunted animals for food and pelts, made small talk to edgy characters, watched other people get eaten by a deathclaw as I sat back and thought to myself how dumb they were to approach it, and guarded a caravan.

What OOC items are you requesting?

-Your standard (and well-loved) 30-06 scoped hunting rifle
    -A reasonable supply of ammunition
-An old Bowie Knife
-A reasonable amount of game meat (Ranging from Molerat to Coyote)
-Your standard military hand-held radio
-Artair's animal skin pack (Backpack OOC)

What IC-Only items are you requesting?

-Artair's personally camouflaged wasteland attire (Including Head wrap and clothes colored to blend in with the wasteland's environment)
-A few molerat and coyote pelts
-An old, cracked, pre-war compass.

Roleplay experiences? I've been a part of Excel Gaming, KWG, WS Gaming, Bourneheart Gaming, Catalyst Gaming, and even dabbled in TnB.

Why should you have all this?[One paragraph required]

I've had lots of fun roleplay on KWG in the past, and I've wanted to use this character again. I haven't been known to minge about and abuse my characters in the past, and I've always held true to developing my characters! I used to use nothing but two roleplay characters on all different roleplay servers, but now I've created quite a few more. Although I got quite far in developing Artair prior, I don't think I did everything I could have. I promise I'll be good. <3

[Three paragraphs required]Backstory:

There are several groups of wastelanders that inhabit post-apocalyptic America. Some groups are just honest folks just trying to survive in the wastes, while others just rely others to raid and loot from. But there are some that avoid others entirely and devote themselves to sole survival and isolation- The Survivalists.

Artair was born into a group of 12 people; 5 men, 3 women, and 4 children. They lived at campsites they erected for extended periods of time, and then moved on if they felt they had exhausted the area's resources or felt threatened. They all learned to shoot or at least handle a firearm by the age of 6, and were taught to hunt at 8. Artair was the only child of his mother and father, and treated the other children as his siblings. The one he looked up to the most was a spiteful girl named Cassandra. She was always cold to her 'siblings', but she took up authority among them, being the eldest by at least 3 years to all of them.

When Artair was 17 years old, living in small camp next to a riverbed in Ohio, a group of raiders came upon their camp in the night and attacked them. The raiders captured the women and two of the children, holding them at gunpoint. They forced the others to surrender, then shooting them the moment they lowered their weapons. Artair and Cassandra were the children captured the raiders and, along with the 3 women, were immediately sold off as slaves.

Artair and Cassandra were brought to the capitol wasteland by their new captors, their mothers being sold off elsewhere. The moment the two arrived in Paradise Falls, Cassandra immediately began trying to think of ways to escape. While Cassandra was rebelling against the guards and having the tar beat out of her, Artair quietly accepted his fate. The eldest of his family group back in Ohio was an old man who would always give his family group advice on philosophical matters, and had taken a special liking to Artair. He taught Artair that the world is to be taken as it is, and there is nothing you can do change it. Artair accepted this as his philosophy and quietly watched as his bull-headed but brave companion, Cassandra, get beaten senseless by guards more than once.

Artair was in captivity at Paradise Falls for the better part of that year before he and Cassandra were both sold off to a sympathetic merchant. Once the merchant had brought far enough from Paradise falls, he stopped and explained that he would pay them for their service if they chose to stay with him, and that they would be set free in two weeks time. Artair and Cassandra both agreed to be 'body guards'. After a week, the merchant gave Cassandra a small knife, after begging him for days for something to defend herself with in case they were attacked by raiders, which she later used to slit his throat in his sleep. Artair was not told of her plans and was appalled. He admitted that he wanted true freedom, but when he tried explain to her that it was murder, she accused him of sympathizing with the slavers and threatened to slit his throat as well. Artair had always known Cassandra as a cold person, hardly having a thought about someone other than herself and being extremely paranoid, but when Cassandra had threatened her own kin, he knew she was not the person he had remembered as children. He eventually convinced Cassandra that he was only surprised of the swiftness of her actions and got her calm down. They both lugged the merchants belongings into a nearby rock outcropping and looted his stock. Artair took a scoped rifle, as well as a small pistol, whereas Cassandra demanded she be entitled to everything else.

After a week of exploring the new area and celebrating their freedom, Cassandra left in the night. Artair had absolutely no warning and was convinced he going to start a new life and simply roam the wastes with Cassandra. Cassandra gave no explanation to her leaving, not even a note. Artair simply found her missing one morning, with all her 'liberated' belongings missing. At first Artair began to look for her, but gave up quite easily, feeling betrayed and hurt. He roamed around the Capitol Wasteland aimlessly, hunting and selling his leftover food for caps for a time. Then he started to head North-West...

While traveling along the remnants of what he heard to be called a 'paved road', he came along what was left of an attacked caravan. Raiders had attacked it only hours before, and only the caravan master and a single guard remained. Artair hailed them the moment he saw, thinking they were similar to merchant who had saved him prior. The guard screamed at him to stay where he was, and fired several shots as a warning, but by chance, a shot grazed Artair's right side. Surprised to be attacked by those he thought friendly to strangers (an odd concept to him), he fell on his face and surrendered immediately. Knowing no raider would give up so easily, the remaining caravan members bandaged him as a payment for wrongfully attacking him.

After having a chat with the two surviving members of the caravan, he learned they were headed to the Commonwealth, and they would taking a road that took him closer to his home. Artair felt he should try and return home, and offered his weapons as payment for traveling with the Caravan. The caravan master was skeptical about having a total stranger travel with him at first, but accepted after hearing Artair's generous offer. Artair traveled into South-Eastern Pennsylvania and stopped at an abandoned gas station. After gathering confidence through hunting small game (his now favorite pass-time), he bade farewell to his companions, and his weapons. After staying the night in the gas station, he began to travel west by a smaller 'paved road'. He then saw a sign with markings on it that would bear resemblence to "Arton| 5 miles". Having no idea what the markings could mean (being an uneducated man), he continued on his path. He continued to find a few more signs with the similar groups of markings of "Arton" as he traveled along the road. He followed the road to the small town and stayed there for awhile to get his bearings.

While in town, he made some of his first friends he knew apart from his family. He was facisnated at how other people acted and became intrigued. He decided to stay in the town and watch over it. At first he stayed because they town had a nice elevated area where he could watch any person pass and he could study them all he wanted without being ridiculed, but then he started to like the town. After a time, the town become threatened by power-hungry slavers and they proposed that they pack up their belongings and move. After some discussion they all agreed to leave, and Artair followed them.

Artair followed them way out West and watched them settle down. After a while, people started making their own way and leaving the town. Some went off to see if they could find their fortunes in New Vegas, while others became citizens of the NCR to secure themselves safety. Artair was told that there was conflict further and he wanted to avoid it all costs, so he left the small nomantic town he temporarily called home and headed north.

After a few months of surviving off the land and making his way North by foot and managing to slip past any unsavory individuals, he started come across quiet little towns from time to time. He thought the towns peaceful and stayed at each one longer and longer, remembering the people he once knew at a place way down South. Months after leaving his nomantic troop of a town, he came across another town, this time a bit more interesting...

What are your perks/skills?

-Decent Marksmanship with a Scoped Rifle
-Extensive Survivalist Knowledge (Tracking, Hunting, Preparation of Food, limited Wound Knowledge, limited medicinal herb knowledge)
-Fair Skill at Staying Hidden

What are your faults/flaws?

-Still unacustomed to town life and avoids confrontations with anyone he deems 'suspicious'
-Unskilled in combat with other humans. He is used to be hidden and hunting his prey, not fighting others with weapons.
-Sticks to what he knows and is untrusting of new ideas/ideals.

Character traits:

-Once he trusts someone, he can be almost too trusting.
-Keeps to himself if no one he knows is in his vicinity.
-Keeps out of confrontations between parties he is unaffiliated with.

(Optional)Character Description:

Icy Blue Eyes| Tan, Weathered Headwrap Covering Entire Face and Head| Muffled, Slow Tone| Old Bandolier over Dusty/Sandy Heavy Clothing| Old Worn Pre-War belt| Dusty/Sandy Tan Jeans| Old Worn Combat Boots| Radio on Belt| Slung Scoped Bolt-Action Rifle| Animal Skin Pack| 5'11

Passive RP(15 Lines required):

**Artair is sitting atop his favorite perch in the area, a hill overlooking a valley, a well-traveled path going through the middle of it.
**Artair lays across some makeshift bedding, looking down the scope of his rifle, scanning across the valley for any prey.
**Artair spots movement from down the path a ways, repositioning himself to see it better.
**A canine-shaped creature can be seen trotting along the path, sniffing the ground, walking too and fro.
**Artair thinks to himself that he could probably make the shot, and have a good supper tonight.
**Artair repositions himself again, lining his sight up with the hound.
**Before Artair could breathe in to steady his shot, a man carrying a small child on his shoulders comes into view, catching up to the canine.
**Artair shakes his head angrily, letting out a long breathe before cursing under his breathe.
**Artair looks back down the scope to see a small group of travelers coming up on the path, making their way across the valley.
**As Artair was studying the travelers, the radio on his belt buzzes to life, causing him to start, nearly causing his rifle to go off.
** "You catch anything good yet?" crackles the handheld radio.
**Artair clips the radio off of his belt, putting it close to his face.
**Artair says "I thought I told you to not use this signal, Adrian. I almost shot a damned child."
** "I'm bored when I'm hungry. I'm paying you good for that game." crackles the radio, again.
**Artair switches his radio off, mumbling to himself angrily as he repositions himself to scan across the valley again.

Combat RP(15 Lines required):

**The air is still and all is silent as a wounded Yao Gui, it's right hind leg recently bitten by a rival, trudges past a rock outcropping covered by scrub
**The Yao Gui stops abruptly and sniffs the air near the rock outcropping.
**The Yao Gui blows air through his nostrils, and growls softly, then continues to trudge past.
**'Artair' Being decently camouflaged and up wind of the Yao Gui, breathes in and aims for the side Yao Gui's large head.
**A shot rings out, echoing throughout the wastes, along with a cry from a Yao Gui.
**The Yao Gui cries a roar of pain, stumbling and turning to where the shot was fired.
**'Artair' rechambers his rifle and aims down the scope once more, breathing in.
**The Yao Gui begins to stumble towards the rock outcropping, letting out a terrifying roar.
**Another shot rings out through the wastes, followed by another cry, more desperate this time.
**The Yao Gui lets out a roar of pain, slowing slumping to the ground.
**'Artair' emerges from his covered rock outcropping, as the Yao Gui lets out it's last heave of breathe.
**'Artair' dusts himself off and trots happily to his newly scored trophy.
**'Artair' freezes in his tracks, hearing the pounding of boots and hushed tones a few meters around the edge of the rock outcropping.
**'Artair' quickly trots back and ducks behind the scrub in front of the rock outcropping and hides himself as best he can.
**'Artair' positions his rifle similarly to his Yao Gui kill and waits a few seconds.
**Two wastelanders scramble up to the Yao Gui corpse, pistols drawn, marveling at their delicious find.
**Wastelander 1 says "Shit, we have enough to eat for days!"
**Wastelander 2 says "No, no. We need to sell it! That way we can eat AND buy the water."
**While the two wastelanders argue about what they should do with the Yao Gui corpse, 'Artair' lines up his scope with one of their heads.
**'Artair' thinks to himself "This is MY kill, it will not be stolen by strangers."
**'Artair' decides to take the one nearest to him and breathes in, just beginning to squeeze the trigger.
**Another wastelander with armor and an Assault Carbine runs up to the two wastelanders, punching one of them in the arm.
**Wastelander 3 says "Hey, we're not doing anything until we show this to boss."
**The Wastelanders groan and begin to haul off the body, with great difficulty.
**'Artair' curses to himself, knowing he can't take all three of them.
**'Artair' lets out a sigh of anguish as he listens to their boots fading away, knowing he had just lost his precious prize.


This was already accepted KWG before, just putting that out there. Also, It's good to see KWG back up and running!

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Wraith's Character Application (Artair) Empty Re: Wraith's Character Application (Artair)

Post by herosloth on Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:22 pm

While this is possibly a beautifully written app.

The server is just too new for these items. I would definitely approve everything but the rifle and switch it to a mid-caliber sidearm.

Other than that. Everything is peachy.

+Approved, but pending rifle.

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Wraith's Character Application (Artair) Empty Re: Wraith's Character Application (Artair)

Post by herosloth on Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:20 am

+Approved means +Support.

The app is Accepted or Decline. .-. No one nor did I say I was staff.

OT: Didn't even notice the radio. But in my own opinion it's not a commodity if no one else has it. Who is he gonna talk to? Himself.

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Wraith's Character Application (Artair) Empty Re: Wraith's Character Application (Artair)

Post by Captain Snyder on Mon Jun 22, 2015 4:39 pm

Application is accepted however you will have to lose the radio, those things will be much more uncommon rather than everyone having a set.
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Wraith's Character Application (Artair) Empty Re: Wraith's Character Application (Artair)

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