New California Republic: Information, Questions, Concerns.

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New California Republic: Information, Questions, Concerns. Empty New California Republic: Information, Questions, Concerns.

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New California Republic: Information, Questions, Concerns. B5QCK4ECAAIEfni
"The only easy day was yesterday."
The New California republic. The numerous, the true, the strong. The NCR has goals of unifying post-war California and eventually the rest of America, under the fair banner of democracy, through might with words and weapons equally. Comprised of the wasteland's own citizens, any young man or woman with stars in their eyes can fight their way up and become a war hero, any smooth talker can be a politician, negotiating in a new era.

...That's how it is supposed to be. When everything is interconnected and everyone can answer to someone, things are kept neat and orderly, all according to protocol. This is not the case for the ill-fated Foxtrot Battalion 5, nicknamed the "Mongols" due to their position as the spearhead of NCR expansionist efforts, far from the home country of California. Foxtrot 5, with the help of other battalions, pushed through Legion controlled territory and set up a FOB with intents to set up or annex more permanent settlements.

Due to a Legion counterattack, Foxtrot found themselves cut off from the communication and supply chain to Command, with no signs of the way being opened again. With no help in sight and no orders, the commander of Foxtrot 5, decorated Lieutenant Roland 'Rollie' Howard, decided to press onward with their last received orders, but as some of his men and women fell to local hostiles, the Lieutenant began to question what had been drilled into him for many years...

Questions, Comments, and Concerns

Please feel free to ask anything or bring up any concern you may have regarding the New California Republic and I will do my best to answer them.

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